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Home Groups

Home Groups

Home groups are places to develop and grow your faith, make and develop relationships and find support, encouragement and friendship. Each group has a unique character which is reflected in what they’ve said about themselves. If you’re interested in joining a home group please speak to Pam Wood.

Almond Home Group

“Beware: may contain nuts!”

Tuesday 7.45 pm

Co-ordinator: Dave and Chris Elwin

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What is our group like?
  • Its members are what make us special.
  • We love having members who attend every week, but we are also happy to have people who cannot make it so often.
  • We are a bit naughty, a bit fun, but we seek to support each other both in prayer and in more practical ways.
  • We do laugh a bit too!
What does our group (usually) do?
  • Prayer and Bible study
  • As a group we ran the 1st pudding evening, and published the pudding recipe book
  • We drink stuff, and eat things… usually biscuits or cake, but sometimes we start early with soup, or other meals… and puddings, obviously!
  • We try to make our Bible studies, and indeed other discussions, as real as possible
  • Discussions tend to be focused on what we will do as a result of teaching and less on the theory
  • Our discussions are fine for those with lots of knowledge and those starting out
  • Each week we make sure the level is appropriate to the people there and no one is left behind
  • We don't use long words for the sake of it (mostly because none of us know any!)
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Willow Home Group

“Like the water it grows beside, our group thrives on the constant presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.”

Thursday 7.30pm

Co-ordinator: Janet Owen

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What is our group like?
  • Laughter and fun, freedom for making mistakes
  • Normal people sharing each other’s concerns and praying together
  • Support for the week and those in trouble and facing deep problems
  • Chocolate biscuits and friendly banter
  • Some very knowledgeable people who know their biblical stuff
  • Group is very open, honest – you can say anything here, very safe space; great support and we pray for each other
  • Sharing leaders makes for variety of approach
  • We meet in different homes which adds another dimension to our meetings
  • The fun and laughter
  • Care for one another
  • Freedom to be real and make mistakes
  • Confidentiality
  • Welcome the friendliness and sense of humour
  • Great to have serious and lively discussions
What does our group (usually) do?
  • Tea/coffee, biscuits and catch up chats with each other
  • Prayer and worship
  • Study discussions using the Bible
  • Prayer requests and concerns discussed and then a time to pray together or meditate. We use various methods of praying as a group
  • Close – followed by more chat, fun and laughter
  • Go home feeling better for meeting friends and God through the group
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Sycamore Home Group

“Tall and strong and provides a place to rest.”

Wednesday 7.30pm

Co-ordinator: David Wynn and John Mayer

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What is our group like?
  • Good friends
  • Generally comfortable with each other
  • Close links with Martin and Ruth Harrison and family (former house group members now serving with Reach Beyond)
  • Social suppers occasionally
  • The average age of our group is 60+ - some younger members would be welcome!
What does our group (usually) do?
  • Social chat
  • Bible Study
  • Prayer
  • Refreshments
  • And fellowship
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